AGA-SHIO ALBUM 2009.11.11 Release !!    AGA-SHIO   IOCD-20281 \3,150-(tax in) avex entertainment (in Japan)

The new unit formed with the two talented players, Hiromitsu Agatsuma - the Shamisen player who gets beyond the bounds of "Minyou" (folk music) and Satoru Shionoya - an excellent pianist and a producer for jazz, pops, classic, and more genre of his creations. This unit has the eternal potential to create a new world of music, with a little taste of avant garde and new excitement brought by their intensity and tranquility.

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M01. rhapsody / written by H.Agatsuma, arranged by S.Shionoya
This piece composed by Agatsuma, symbolizes the concept of the unit, AGA-SHIO, with the elements which show contrasts between eastern and western, rhythm and silence, and tranquility and explosion. The chemistry between the two players creates the phrases which intermingled and lead into a spectacular ending.
M02. Akita-Magouta / Folk song of AKITA-Prefecture, arranged by S.Shionoya
This is an original folk song of Akita prefecture, in the Tohoku district (North region of main land of Japan). Agatsuma’s sustained voice over the rhythmical accompaniment of Shionoya creates a very unique groove.
M03. a capriccio the style of baroque 〜 for Shamisen and Piano
                          / written and arranged by S.Shionoya

This piece is composed by Shionoya. He used the counterpoint method of baroque period. Three individual parts are put together to build the excellent musical structure.
M04. Sado-Okesa / Folk song of NIIGATA-Prefecture, arranged by S.Shionoya
This is a traditional folk song handed down in Sado island, Niigata prefecture. It originally offers slow tempo, yet AGA-SHIO’s arrangement gives a new birth to this melody and sound more emotional and tender. The repetition of the rhythm is just like the sea wave and stays firmly throughout the piece.
M05. Tabaruzaka / Folk song of KUMAMOTO-Prefecture, arranged by S.Shionoya
This is a melancholic folk song of Kumamoto prefecture (Kyushu district). From their interpretation, the whispers of nature such as winds and trees can be heard. Agatsuma’s vocalized song is outstanding, and he uses "Ko-Bu-Shi" which is a unique tremolo of Japanese traditional singing technique.
M06. Jonkara / Folk song of AOMORI-Prefecture, arranged by S.Shionoya
Shionoya plays the piano at time independently, at time along with the groovy "Tsugaru-jongara-bushi" played by Agatsuma. This idea came into Shionoya’s mind when he was standing alone in the middle of hustle by bustle of New York City during his trip.
M07. shufflin' city / written and arranged by S.Shionoya
This piece is composed by Shionoya. As it showed in the title, shuffle rhythm embraces throughout the tune. While Agatsuma plays the Shamisen as easy as the guitar the traditional Japanese phrase remains existence, and there are definitely the unique approaches which only AGA-SHIO can develop.
M08. memory of tears / written by H.Agatsuma, arranged by S.Shionoya
Composed by Agatsuma. This piece shows magnificent scale and romantic melody. Lyrical approach by Agatsuma and Shionoya is impressive, especially the sensitive tones and harmonies woven into a big movement.
M09. Sayo-Shigure / written and arranged by S.Shionoya
Composed by Shionoya, his piano floated in the Shamisen sound which is the harmonic loop repeated throughout the tune. This mystic tune takes us out into the fantasic world just like as we are going back and forth between the reality and the dream.
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