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Traditional yet newest music by Japanese musicians - AGA-SHIO
If you ever had the opportunity to hear the sound of the shamisen, youfd notice that its sound represents the heart and soul of the Japanese. In fact, it is probably the most beautiful of all sounds native to Japan. It is regrettable to say though, that the younger generation in our country no longer listens to the traditional music called 'minyo (folk music),' considered an archaic form of music.
But the spirit of this traditional sound inspired one man, Hitomitsu Agatsuma, who was strongly influenced by the shamisen his father played. From his childhood he played the shamisen and sang minyo songs, exploring and embracing the spirit of Japanese traditional music. He later taught himself to play the piano and joined rock bands, but eventually returned to the world of the shamisen.
On the other hand, Satoru Shionoya, who had been composing modern music and performing salsa internationally as a member of Orquesta De La Luz, rediscovered his own roots as a Japanese when he encountered the music of Agatsuma. It was a magical moment.
Our music - the harmony of AGA-SHIO - is a new Japanese sound that no one has heard before. The innovative aspect of our sound has a way of bringing out the beauty of Japanese tradition. The coming together of the East and West, the tension between tradition and innovation - the end result has been the creation of an entirely new form of music that even we did not anticipate.
It is our desire that many people have the chance to experience, first hand, the beauty that has been the foundation of the Japanese people and existed in our land for hundreds of years. There is nothing that would make us happier if we could share with the audience this tranquil excitement. [AGA-SHIO]
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