The unit "AGA-SHIO" was formed by a shamisen player Hiromitsu Agatsuma and a pianist Satoru Shionoya aiming at fusing eastern and western instruments; Tsugaru Shamisen, a Japanese traditional musical instrument and piano.
2 musicians met when Agatsuma released an album "Beyond" in January 2004. Agatsuma had been aspiring Shionoya's work and eagerly asked him to participate in the creation of the album. A piece called "Kimieno-Omoi" (Thought of you) was created. Since then, they have been performing together in the live concerts and started to respect and share the similar view on their musicality though they played music instruments on different cultural backgrounds. Their friendship furthered to form a unit in 2009. The music and sound expressed in their first album "AGA-SHIO" are a completely new style of Japan-originated contemporary music which entails strong energy that Japanese folk music produces as well as the consistency performed by piano. The CD, released on November 2009, earned critical acclaim as it hit unprecedented musicality.

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Hiromitsu AGATSUMA Shamisen Player

Born in 1973, Ibaraki/Japan
Agatsuma began playing the Tsugaru-shamisen at age six. He won in numerous competitions, becoming a renowned performer in the traditional Japanese music scene since his youth. His reputation grew as he incorporated genres such as jazz and rock into his music, and made his major debut in 2001. His first and sixth albums won the prestigious "Japan Gold Disk Awardh; his second album was released in the United States in 2003, for which he made his first tour overseas. He has performed in Australia, Brazil, and Russia, as well as in various countries throughout Asia and Europe. Agatsuma has collaborated with numerous artists such as Marcus Miller (B) and Herbie Hancock (Pf). While engaging in the artistic merging of traditional Japanese musical instruments and western music, he remains an acclaimed player who pursues the etradition and innovationf of the Tsugaru-shamisen.

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  Satoru SHIONOYA Pianist, Producer

Born in 1966, Tokyo/Japan
Shionoya studied music composition at university while performing around the world as a member of the Japanese salsa band Orquesta De La Luz (1986-1996). The group won the United Nations Peace Medal in 1993 and was a U.S. Grammy Award nominee in 1995. During this time, he performed with Tito Puente, Dave Valentin and Santana. He became a solo performer in 1993 and has released 11 original albums. His musical activities are diverse, composing and arranging scores in a wide array of genres including jazz, pops, classical, Big Band and for full orchestras. As a soloist, he has performed with Makoto Ozone, Sadao Watanabe, Paquito D'RiveraAHerbie Hancock, among others.

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